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Remove the Conditions on Your Permanent Residence Status

If you’ve obtained a green card through marriage, but your green card’s status is conditional because your marriage was not yet two years old when you obtained permanent residence status, based on your circumstances, you might be eligible to remove the conditions on your status.  If you are within ninety days of your second wedding anniversary, then the expiration date on your green card is approaching quickly.  Accordingly, it is important that you consult with an experienced Immigration Lawyer right away so you can avoid losing your status as a conditional resident and risk being removed from the country.  Call Sanabria & Associates today and find out how our attorneys can successfully guide you through the condition removal process.


If you applied for an obtained a green card before being married for two years, your permanent residence status in the United States is conditional since you must be able to establish that you did not marry your spouse just to evade U.S. immigration laws.  You are typically eligible to apply for the removal of the conditions on your permanent residence status if:

  • You are currently married to the same person (who is a United States citizen or permanent resident) after two years. You can include any of your children in the application if your children obtained their conditional status when you did or within ninety days after you obtained the status;
  • You are a child and for some valid and lawful reason, you can’t be included in your parents’ application;
  • You are a widower or widow and you in good faith married your spouse;
  • You in good faith entered into your marriage, but your marriage ended in annulment or divorce; or,
  • You in good faith entered into your marriage but you or your children were battered by your spouse who was a United States citizen or permanent resident, or you suffered extreme hardship because you’re your spouse.

If you are still married to the same U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you and your spouse are required to apply together in order to have the conditions placed on your resident status removed.  As mentioned above, it is a good idea to submit your application during the ninety days before your second wedding anniversary so as to avoid the risk of losing your conditional resident status and the risk of removal from the country.  However, if you’re not married anymore or you’ve been abused or battered by your spouse, you can request a waiver of the joint-filing requirement.  In these instances, you can apply to have the conditions removed any time after you’ve received conditional resident status, but you must be able to establish that removal from the country would cause you to suffer extreme hardship.


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If you obtained conditional resident status through marriage, and you are nearing your two year wedding anniversary, the experienced Immigration Lawyers at Sanabria & Associates can help ensure that you file all of the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner.  Filing the right application at the right time can help you avoid any complications that might occur as the result of failing to file on time. Contact Sanabria & Associates 24/7 via phone in Maryland at (301) 585-8400, D.C. at (202) 891-7074, Virginia at (571) 552-4386, or Florida at (305) 922-9995, or, via email for a free consultation or to schedule an office visit.

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